Digital Aerials

Chester Digital Aerials

UHF = Ultra High Frequency.

UHF aerials pick up TV signal sent over the air.
By using a UHF aerial, you’ll be able to:
Watch selected programmes in HD;
Enjoy Dolby Digital sound on selected programmes;
Get exclusive local channels, like CTV in Canterbury & South Canterbury;
All Subscription Free!

To Think about:

  • Outdoor installation is best, Direct antennas can also be installed indoors or in attics. (50% strength/range is lost indoors).
  • Simple, direct connections and installations are best.
  • The more junctions in the installation, the higher the signal loss.
  • Each time the signal is split (to go to another TV) signal strength is reduced, so a low-noise amplifier may be needed to help compensate for the signal reduction.
  • Install the antenna where signal is present.
  • Move the antenna to various locations until signals are found.
  • Many times, one end of the roof or room has better signal characteristics than the others.

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