Matrix systems

With  Matrix systems installed, there’s no set top boxes obscuring your viewing areas or, for wall mounted TVs, ugly cables that dangle down the walls and connect to a set top box.

Also, a HDMI matrix negates the need for you to buy multiples of the same device e.g. a Sky Box for every TV that you want to be able to watch Sky on.

With a matrix, you just need one Sky Box / Freest / Blu-ray etc. and you could watch it on as many TVs as you desire.

This can help reduce your monthly subscription fees or save you unplugging your favourite entertainment device and carting around your home into another room

Which HDMI matrix do you need ?

You’ll often find the following terminology used to describe the size of HDMI matrix and its basic functionality:

4×4 HDMI matrix- this lets you watch up to four HDMI entertainment devices on up to four HDTVs in any combination

8×8 HDMI matrix- this lets you watch up to eight HDMI entertainment devices on up to eight HDTVs in any combination

4K vs 1080p HDMI matrixes- what’s the difference ?

It is important to remember that in order to watch 4K you need an entertainment device that is 4K e.g. Amazon Fire TV with 4K, BT Youview Box, Sony X10 player. PLUS, youll need a 4K TV.

You cant watch 4K on a 1080p TV.

If its a 1080p TV then the maximum resolution you can enjoy is 1080p.

PLUS with a HDMI matrix installed in your home, then if you wanted to watch a 4K entertainment device on all your TVs, then every TV would have to be 4K.

You couldn’t have a mixture of 4K and 1080p TVs.

If you did, the matrix would have to send your films / shows out in a resolution of 1080p so that they could be watched by every screen in the home.

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