TV Wall Mounting Brackets

Why use a TV Bracket?

TV Brackets are designed to fix a TV to the wall rather than use a surface to place the TV on.

This can save a considerable amount of space. Modern flat screen digital televisions all have the facility for wall bracket fixing. Essentially, the larger the television, the larger the wall bracket.

Brackets come as fixed, twist and turn or twist, tilt and turn. For televisions over 40 inches the bracket is fairly heavy duty and therefore requires some heavy duty fixings. The best of these is the twist, tilt and turn bracket as it allows for viewing from almost every angle and at a height conducive to comfortable viewing Version

What is VESA Compliant?

VESA, or Video Electronics Standards Association is an association which sets Industry rules for the standardisation of (for one thing) the spacing of mounting holes in the back of a TV set to which wall brackets are fixed for TV mounts.

The most common spacing’s are:

  • 800 x 400
  • 600 x 400
  • 400 x 400
  • 400 x 200
  • 300 x 300
  • 200 x 200
  • 100 x 100
  • 75 x 75

These numbers are milometer’s and explain the distance, both vertically and horizontally, between the screw holes in the back of the TV.

This allows TV mount manufacturers to make the TV bracket mounting bars with fixing holes in the right place.

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