Antiference Solutions

18"x1" Loft Spike

18" x 1" Loft Spike / Lance Self-Tap/Screw
Antiference Solutions

18"x1" Loft Spike

18" x 1" Loft Lance/Spike Self Tap/Screw

loft spike or lance is used in construction or DIY projects for securing wooden beams or planks in loft spaces or attics.

The self-tapping or self-drilling feature means that the spike or screw can create its own hole as it is driven into the wood, without the need for pre-drilling.

Ideal for installation's for smaller log digital aerials.


  • 18"(458mm) x 1" aluminium loft lance.
  • End cap gives it a professional finish.
  • Ideal for mounting aerials in loftspace by fitting to the girder.
  • Self-tap/screw base in base for ease for install.


18" x 1" Loft Spike / Lance Self-Tap/Screw

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18" x 1" Loft Lance/Spike designed for screwing into wood is a specialized hardware component used for fastening objects to wooden surfaces. It typically consists of a metal shaft with a pointed end and threading along its length, designed to be driven into wood using rotational force.

Key features and characteristics of an 18" x 1" Loft Lance/Spike for screwing into wood include:

Dimensions: The "18" x 1"" specification indicates that the tool has a length of 18 inches and a diameter of 1 inch, suitable for  small digital aerials .

Design: The Loft Lance/Spike is designed to provide stability and durability when driven into wood. It often features a pointed tip for easy insertion and threading along the shaft for effective gripping.

Material: These spikes are commonly made from sturdy materials such as steel or other metal alloys, ensuring strength and resistance to corrosion.

Screwing Functionality: The threaded design allows the Loft Lance/Spike to be screwed into pre-drilled holes in wood. As the spike is turned, it creates its own threading within the wood, providing a secure attachment point.

Applications: Loft Lance/Spikes are used in various woodworking projects, such as constructing furniture, attaching structural elements, or securing wooden panels together.

Installation: To use, a pilot hole is typically drilled into the wood to prevent splitting. The pointed end of the spike is then inserted into the hole and rotated using a compatible tool, effectively driving it into the wood and forming a strong connection.