All-Rack Network Cabinets

All-Rack 1U Brush Strip Panel

All-Rack 1U Brush Strip Panel
All-Rack Network Cabinets

All-Rack 1U Brush Strip Panel

1U Cable Management Brush Panel is the perfect horizontal cable management solution for any cabling network or rack-mounted devices in the Data Cabinet of the Server Rack. 

Within most cabinets a degree of cable management is required to ensure a degree of tidiness, this cable management panel provides this through the use of brush bristles that attach to the 19" front or back mounting posts and ensure your cabinet looks professional.


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All-Rack 1U Brush Strip Panel

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All-rack 1U brush strip panel is a component used in rack-mounted equipment installations to manage and organize cables. It is designed to fit within a standard 1U (1.75 inches) of rack space and typically consists of a metal or plastic panel with a series of brush strips attached.

The brush strips on the panel are made of fine bristles or Fibers that form a dense brush-like surface. These brush strips serve several purposes:

Cable Management: The brush strips allow cables to be neatly routed through them. The bristles provide a barrier that separates and guides the cables, preventing them from tangling or getting tangled with adjacent cables. This helps to maintain a clean and organized appearance and makes it easier to trace or add/remove cables when necessary.

Airflow Management: The brush strips also act as a passive airflow management system. They allow for the free flow of air through the rack, preventing hot air from becoming trapped and promoting proper cooling of the equipment.

Dust Prevention: The brush strips help to reduce the ingress of dust and debris into the rack. The bristles act as a barrier, minimizing the amount of dust that can settle on the equipment and cabling.

When installing a 1U brush strip panel, it is typically mounted in a rack using screws or other fastening methods. Cables can then be routed through the brush strips, ensuring a tidy and organized cable management solution.