Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

19" 1u CAT6 Patch Panel

24-Port CAT 6 Patch Panel with back bar
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

19" 1u CAT6 Patch Panel

24 Ports Krone & 110 Dual IDC, with back bar

CAT6 patch panel provides exceptional performance for high speed LANs including Gigabit Ethernet applications.

The panels achieve optimum transmission performances by incorporating the highest quality components and innovative on-board compensation techniques.

  • Fits all 19" cabinets and racks
  • IDC rear termination

The 24-Port CAT 6 Patch Panel offers Category 6 performance when installed using UTP Cat 6 cable. 

This 1u high patch panel fits all 19" cabinets and racks. IDC rear termination, RJ45 socket presentation on front of the panel.




24-Port CAT 6 Patch Panel with back bar

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19" 1U UTP CAT6 Patch Panel 24 Ports is a networking component that is designed to facilitate the connection of multiple Ethernet devices in a structured cabling system. The patch panel typically mounts onto a standard 19-inch rack and occupies 1U of space.

The panel has 24 ports, each of which is designed to accept a CAT6 Ethernet cable. CAT6 is a type of twisted-pair copper cabling that is commonly used in local area networks (LANs) to transmit data at speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. The use of CAT6 cables ensures that the network can support high-speed data transmission without any significant signal loss.

The patch panel serves as a central distribution point for the Ethernet cables coming from different parts of the building or facility. It allows for easy management and organization of the cables and ensures that they are terminated correctly, reducing the risk of signal interference or loss. With the use of the patch panel, it is easier to troubleshoot network connectivity issues and make changes to the network configuration.