All-Rack 27U 600mm x 600mm Floor Standing Data Cabinet

27U x 600mm x 600mm
27U x 600mm x 600mm

All-Rack 27U 600mm x 600mm Floor Standing Data Cabinet

All-Rack 27U 600mm x 600mm Floor Standing Data Cabinet

All-Rack Floor-standing data cabinets are high quality and cost effective 19” racks. All doors and panels are lockable and removable giving all round access.

The fully adjustable 19” mounting profiles are printed numerically with the “U” height, for ease of installation and future use. Cable entry is from directly underneath or on the roof in the form of removable blank panels.

Technical Specification

Description: Industry standard design 19” floor data cabinets

Material: Cold rolled steel construction for cabinet frame, toughened glass panel insert in steel framework for front door.

Finish: Smooth black RAL9005 powder coated paint finish.

Racks: Supplied with depth adjustable heavy-duty steel mounting profiles to take industry standard 19’’ patch panels and equipment.


• Steel framed / toughened glass front door

• Steel rear door

• Steel side panels

• All lockable and removable


• Lockable front door

• Lockable rear door

• Lock and slam locks on side panels

Ventilation: Through roof panel and via fan tray.

Options: Delivered assembled as standard. Flat-packed optional.

Profile distances: The mounting profiles can be adjusted forwards and backwards to utilise almost the full depth of the cabinets.

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27U x 600mm x 600mm

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All-Rack 27U 600mm x 600mm Floor Standing Data Cabinet is a specific type of rack designed for organizing and storing network and server equipment in data centre’s or other IT environments. Here are some key details about this model:

Rack Size: The rack has a height of 27U, which means it can accommodate up to 27 rack units of equipment. Each rack unit is equal to 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) in height.

Dimensions: The external dimensions of the cabinet are 600mm (width) x 600mm (depth) x height (varies based on the number of rack units). These dimensions help determine the physical footprint of the cabinet.

Floor Standing: The cabinet is designed to be placed on the floor and has a sturdy construction to support the weight of the equipment. It typically features adjustable levelling feet for stability.

Equipment Mounting: The cabinet provides mounting rails or vertical posts inside the enclosure, allowing you to install and secure your network and server equipment. The standard width of the mounting rails is 19 inches, which is the industry standard for rack-mounted equipment.

Ventilation and Cooling: To prevent overheating, the cabinet usually includes perforated doors, side panels, and/or ventilation fans. These features promote airflow and help dissipate heat generated by the equipment.

Security and Access: Data cabinets often have lockable doors to protect the equipment from unauthorized access. Some models may also offer additional security features such as removable side panels or integrated cable management systems.

Cable Management: Cable management is an important aspect of organizing the networking infrastructure. Data cabinets usually have built-in cable management options like cable routing holes, cable trays, or cable management rings to keep the cables organized and minimize clutter.

Width: 600mm

Depth: 600mm

Height: 1377mm (including castors)

Net Weight: 60kg