Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

6'x1.25" 16g Cranked Galvanised Steel Mast

6'x1.25" 16g (1828x32x1.2mm) Cranked Galvanised Steel Mast/Pole 45 degree
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

6'x1.25" 16g Cranked Galvanised Steel Mast

Ideal for install that need stand-off

6' x 1.25" 18g (1828x32x1.2mm) Cranked Galvanised Steel Mast/Pole 45 degree.

Seam-welded ERW (EN10305-3) tube for added strength.

45° cranked bend for gutters/facias

Galvanised steel for strength

Suitable for TV & Wi-Fi aerials

  • with small V Bolt


6'x1.25" 16g (1828x32x1.2mm) Cranked Galvanised Steel Mast/Pole 45 degree

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6' x 1.25" 16g 45° Cranked Galvanized Steel Pole can be used in the TV satellite industry, particularly for mounting satellite dishes. However, there are several factors to consider:

Strength and Durability: Ensure that the pole is sturdy enough to support the weight of the satellite dish and withstand environmental factors such as wind and weather. Galvanized steel is typically durable, but you should verify that it meets industry standards for strength and corrosion resistance.

Angle Compatibility: The 45° cranked angle of the pole may affect the alignment and positioning of the satellite dish. Depending on the specific requirements of the satellite system and the desired satellite signal reception, you may need to adjust the mounting angle or use additional equipment to ensure proper alignment.

Installation Requirements: Proper installation of the pole is crucial for stability and performance. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation, which may include securely anchoring the pole to the ground or another mounting surface.

Regulatory Compliance: Check local regulations and building codes to ensure compliance with any requirements related to mounting structures or satellite dishes. This may include considerations such as setback distances, height restrictions, and zoning regulations.

Professional Installation: For optimal results and to ensure safety and compliance, consider hiring a professional installer experienced in satellite dish installations. They can assess the site, recommend suitable equipment and installation methods, and ensure proper alignment and setup for reliable TV satellite reception.

Length (ft/m)
Diameter ("/mm)
Gauge (g/mm)
Crank Dimensions (a x b x c mm)
Crank Angle (°)
V Bolts
460 x 320 x 1060