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Microphone for BNC Cameras

Add-on Microphone for BNC Cameras
Add-on Microphone for BNC Cameras
Add-on Microphone for BNC Cameras
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

Microphone for BNC Cameras

This microphone is perfect for recording audio with secrecy and adding to a CCTV system.

  • Maximum Audio output - 2Vp-p
  • Microphone - Electrical Condenser
  • Input Connector - BNC (to camera) + DC Plug (to camera)
  • Output Connector - BNC (to DVR) + DC housing (to power supply)+ RCA(to DVR)
  • Current Consumption - 10 mA
  • Cable Length - 0.6m (23.6')
  • Operating Temperature - -10°C~ + 45



Add-on Microphone for BNC Cameras

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Microphone for BNC cameras is a type of audio input device designed to be used with BNC-based surveillance cameras. The microphone is typically connected to the camera using a BNC connector, which is a type of coaxial connector commonly used in video and audio applications.

The microphone is used to capture audio that is synchronized with the video captured by the camera. This audio can be useful in surveillance applications where audio information can provide additional context to the video data. For example, the audio can be used to provide information about conversations or other sounds that are not visible in the video.

When selecting a microphone for BNC cameras, it's important to ensure that it is compatible with the specific camera being used. It's also important to ensure that the microphone is designed to capture audio in the specific environment where it will be used. For example, a microphone designed for use in a noisy outdoor environment may not be suitable for use in a quiet indoor environment.