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Adjustable HDMI Adapter

Adjustable HDMI Adapter
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

Adjustable HDMI Adapter

Connect those awkward and hard to reach HDMI sockets using this adjustable angled adaptor. Also Reduces the risk of damage to the cable and appliance.  Works with any HDMI supported devices.

  • Superior professional robust build-quality & durable construction
  • Adjustable angles - 90 - 180
  • Zero data loss
  • Full 1080p resolutions supported
  • Length: 6.5cm

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Adjustable HDMI Adapter

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This is an HDMI adapter with a 90-degree angle that can be adjusted to fit different devices or cable configurations.

HDMI adapters are typically used to connect devices that have different types of HDMI ports or to extend the reach of an HDMI cable. A 90-degree adapter can be useful in tight spaces or when the HDMI port on a device is difficult to access. An adjustable HDMI adapter allows for greater flexibility in terms of the angle and orientation of the adapter, making it easier to connect different devices.

Connect two HDMI cables together in situations where the cables may not be able to connect directly. The adapter is designed to provide a flexible and adjustable connection that can be easily adjusted to fit the specific requirements of the installation.

The adjustable HDMI adapter typically features a male HDMI connector on one end and a female HDMI connector on the other end. The male connector is used to plug into one end of an HDMI cable, while the female connector provides a receptacle for the other end of the cable to plug into.

The adapter is designed to be adjustable, meaning that it can be angled or rotated to accommodate different installation requirements. For example, if the HDMI port on a device is in a tight or hard-to-reach location, the adapter can be angled to make it easier to connect the HDMI cable.