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CAT5e Patch Panel 24 Ports

24-Port CAT 5e Patch Panel
Chester Digital Supplies Ltd

CAT5e Patch Panel 24 Ports

19" 1U UTP 24-Port patch panel 

offers Category 5e performance when installed using UTP CAT 5e cable. 

This 1u high patch panel fits all 19" cabinets and racks.

IDC rear termination Krone & 110 Dual IDC with back bar

RJ45 socket presentation on front of the panel.




24-Port CAT 5e Patch Panel

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1U UTP CAT 5e Patch Panel with 24 Ports, Krone & 110 Dual IDC with a back bar is a networking component used for organizing and terminating UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) CAT 5e Ethernet cables in a rack-mounted configuration.

Here are the key features and components of this type of patch panel:

Rack Unit (1U) Height: The patch panel is designed to occupy 1U of vertical space in a standard 19-inch rack. This allows for efficient utilization of rack space and easy integration into networking setups.

UTP CAT 5e Compatibility: The patch panel is specifically designed to support CAT 5e cables, which are commonly used for Ethernet networking applications. CAT 5e provides enhanced performance and bandwidth compared to CAT 5 cables.

24 Ports: The patch panel offers 24 ports, allowing for the termination and management of up to 24 individual CAT 5e Ethernet connections. Each port typically corresponds to an individual cable or network connection.

Krone & 110 Dual IDC Termination: The patch panel is equipped with both Krone and 110 Dual IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) termination options. These are two commonly used methods for terminating and connecting Ethernet cables to the patch panel.

Back Bar: The patch panel includes a back bar, which provides additional stability and support for the cables and connections. The back bar helps minimize strain on the terminated cables and aids in cable management.

Cable Management: The patch panel often features cable management features such as cable tie points, cable routing channels, or cable management rings. These helps organize and secure the cables, reducing clutter and improving airflow within the rack.

Labelling and Identification: To facilitate easy identification and organization, the patch panel may include labelling areas or pre-printed port numbers. This allows for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.

A 1U UTP CAT 5e Patch Panel with 24 Ports, Krone & 110 Dual IDC with a back bar is commonly used in networking installations, data centre’s, and server rooms to provide a centralized and organized termination point for CAT 5e Ethernet connections. It ensures reliable connectivity, simplifies cable management, and contributes to the overall efficiency and performance of the network infrastructure.