Antiference MS02LTE

Antiference MS02LTE - 2-way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter

Antiference MS02LTE


2 Way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter

Two way fully screened F-Type masthead splitters for splitting or combining UHF or VHF signals. 

A DC pass feature enables the use of a pre-amp. Splitters can be mast or wall mounted.

  • MS02LTE
  • Complete range of external fully screened splitters
  • F -type connections
  • DC pass on all ports for use with pre-amplification
  • Mast or wall mounting
  • LTE tuned
  • Empty 75 Series enclosure for external connections
  • Add 4 x F Type Twist-on Connector with O-ring


Antiference MS02LTE - 2-way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter

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Antiference 2 Way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter is a device commonly used in television and satellite signal distribution systems. It allows for the combination and splitting of signals from different sources, typically antennas or satellite dishes, while also addressing potential interference from LTE (Long-Term Evolution) or 4G mobile signals. Here's what the Antiference 2 Way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter does:

1. Signal Combination:

The combiner aspect of the device allows you to merge signals from two different antennas or satellite dishes into a single cable output. This can be useful in situations where you want to receive signals from multiple sources on a single television or distribution network.

2. Signal Splitting:

On the other hand, the splitter function of the device divides the combined signal back into two separate output paths. This is beneficial when you need to distribute the combined signal to multiple devices or rooms.

3. LTE Interference Mitigation:

LTE (4G) mobile signals, especially in close proximity to antennas or satellite dishes, can cause interference that affects the quality of television or satellite signals. The Antiference 2 Way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter is designed to help mitigate this interference by filtering out or reducing the impact of LTE signals on the desired TV or satellite frequencies.

4. Masthead Installation:

The term "masthead" refers to the location where the device is often installed – at the top of a mast or antenna. Placing the device at the masthead helps ensure that interference from LTE signals is minimized before the combined signal reaches the indoor distribution system.

5. Digital Antenna Fm & Dab Compatibility:

The device is suitable for use with both terrestrial television antennas and Fm & Dab. It allows for the integration of signals from these sources into a single distribution setup.

6. Suitable for Multi-TV Setups:

The Antiference 2 Way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter is particularly beneficial for households with multiple televisions or devices that require signal distribution. It helps ensure consistent and high-quality signal reception across all connected devices.

7. Signal Quality Enhancement:

By combining and splitting signals in a controlled manner and addressing LTE interference, the device contributes to overall signal quality enhancement, providing viewers with a better TV or satellite watching experience.