Antiference MS03LTE

Antiference MS03LTE - 3-way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter

Antiference MS03LTE

3 Way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter

A range of fully screened F-Type masthead splitters for splitting or combining UHF or VHF signals. 

A DC pass feature enables the use of a pre-amp. Splitters can be mast or wall mounted.

  • MS03LTE
  • Complete range of external fully screened splitters
  • F -type connections
  • DC pass on all ports for use with pre-amplification
  • Mast or wall mounting
  • LTE tuned
  • Empty 75 Series enclosure for external connections
  • Add 5 x F Type Twist-on Connector with O-ring


Antiference MS03LTE - 3-way LTE Masthead Combiner Splitter

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Antiference MS03LTE is a specific model of a signal splitter used in TV and satellite installations. It is designed to split or distribute signals from a single source to multiple outputs. Here are some key features of the Antiference MS03LTE:

Signal Splitting: The MS03LTE is primarily used for splitting signals, allowing you to distribute a single signal source, such as an antenna or satellite feed, to multiple devices or locations. It takes the incoming signal and divides it into multiple output ports.

LTE Filter: The MS03LTE is equipped with an LTE (Long-Term Evolution) filter. LTE is a wireless communication technology used for high-speed mobile data transmission. The LTE filter helps to block or attenuate interference from LTE signals, ensuring cleaner and more reliable TV and satellite signal reception.

Number of Outputs: The MS03LTE typically has three output ports, allowing you to connect up to three different devices or locations to receive the split signal. Each output port is labelled to indicate its purpose, such as digital TV, other specific connections.

Frequency Range: The splitter is designed to support a specific frequency range for TV and satellite signals. The exact frequency range can vary depending on the model, so it's important to check the specifications of the specific Antiference MS03LTE variant you are considering.

Signal Quality: The MS03LTE aims to maintain signal quality by minimizing signal loss and ensuring proper impedance matching between the input and output ports. This helps to preserve signal strength and reduce potential signal degradation during the splitting process.

Compatibility: The Antiference MS03LTE is designed to be compatible with standard coaxial cables and connectors commonly used in TV and satellite installations. This ensures that you can easily integrate the splitter into your existing setup.