Antiference PF2 - PSU

Antiference PF2 - 12V 100mA Mini Masthead Power Supply

Antiference PF2 - PSU

12V 100mA Mini Masthead Power Supply

Antiference 12V 100mA mini masthead power supply is a power supply that is used to provide electrical power to an electronic masthead, such as a digital TV antenna or satellite dish, that is located at the top of a mast or tower.

The power supply typically operates on 12 volts DC and can provide up to 100 milliamps of current to the device. The mini size refers to its compact design, which makes it suitable for installation in small spaces.

  • Power supply compatible with all Antiference masthead amplifiers.
  • Supplied with Antiference MHK1, MHK2, and MHK4 amplifier kits (available separately)
  • Compact design with screw mounts
  • F-type connector
  • Insertion loss: <1dB (46-1,000MHz)
  • Add 3 x F connector

Antiference PF2 - 12V 100mA Mini Masthead Power Supply

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Antiference PF2 - PSU, follow these steps:

Ensure that the power supply unit is compatible with your Antiference PF2 range distribution amplifier. Check the specifications and compatibility information provided by the manufacturer.

Connect one end of the power supply unit to a power outlet or a suitable power source.

Locate the power input port on your Antiference PF2 distribution amplifier. It is usually labelled "Power" or "DC IN."

Connect the other end of the power supply unit to the power input port of the distribution amplifier. Ensure that the connectors are securely plugged in.

Once the power supply unit is connected, switch on the power outlet or power source.

The Antiference PF2 distribution amplifier should now receive power from the PSU. You can proceed with connecting your input signal (such as a digital antenna) and output devices (such as TVs or set-top boxes) to the distribution amplifier as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Verify that the distribution amplifier is functioning properly by checking for signal strength and quality on your connected devices. Adjust any necessary settings or configurations on the distribution amplifier or connected devices to optimise signal distribution.


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