Caracal-Solutions, formed in 2004 based in Edinburgh, supplying infrastructure and components for home and business security for the whole of the UK, home wiring and television and satellite components. Our innovative specialist products are trusted by professionals.

Caracal is one of the largest suppliers of coaxial cable and connectors in the UK. Our industry approved digital satellite cables Car100 & Car63 are our best selling products and are delivering digital pictures to over 1 million homes. Our CAR100 product is both CAI and Digital UK approved to be used on digital installations.

We believe that whilst providing high-quality products and exceptional service, the key to our success is providing our goods at the market’s very best prices. We build long-term relationships with both our manufacturers and customers to enable us to continuously develop our products whilst delivering further cost savings.

Our philosophy is to provide high-quality components at market best prices.


RG59 SHOTGUN Coaxial Cable+2 Core Power CCTV cable


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