Horizon Digital Meters

Horizon Digital Meters manufactured by Global Electronics Ltd was established in 2001 to introduce high quality satellite and terrestrial test meters to the market and to this day Horizon products remain reflective of the needs of the industry offering; value, ease of use, durability, reliability and excellent customer support

Key Features of Horizon Digital Meters

  • Field Replaceable Input connector – Barrel screw-in connector is fitted as standard and can be changed to an alternative type if required or replaced if worn
  • New Case – Ergonomically designed to be held easier, tough plastic shell, impact resistant rounded corners, reserve space for additional battery in HD-CM and HD-TM plus models
  • Internal battery charger and rechargeable battery. Additional or replacement batteries available on request
  • Powered by either the supplied figure of 8 universal power lead or 12V car charger.
  • USB update port for software downloads and settings updates
  • Backlit 128 by 64 pixel monochrome screen, with variable contrast and brightness
  • New nylon padded carry case, with front pocket for essential tools and quick start guide on inside cover
  • Steel and plastic bonded front panel with removable rain cover, easy to use navigation buttons
  • Weight of 1.2 Kg including the padded carry case
  • Battery life of at least 5 hours
  • Distinct colour identification scheme for our models… 
    • Yellow – Satellite
    • Red – Terrestrial
    • Blue – Cable
    • Green – Combination / Pro

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