Multimedia Solutions products are designed to be different from all competitor products, with unique and incredibly useful features, these HDMI distribution products ensure that you get the maximum high definition enjoyment and the best possible service from their HDMI source whether that be satellite, cable, DVD or CCTV.

Multimedia Solutions HDMI accessories employ the latest high-quality components assembled using the latest SMD technology and housed where necessary in a pressed steel indoor housings for the highest level of signal screening.

All models where power is required, are supplied with a 5V 1.0A switch-mode-power-supply in a UK standard plug top

HDMI  – High Definition Multimedia Interface

HDCP – High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection

ULTRA HD – Ultra High Definition is also known as UHD, UHD-1 or 2160p and relates to a horizontal screen resolution of the order of 4,000 pixels (4K) and a vertical resolution of 2,000 pixels (2K).

UHD-1 or Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) may also be referred to as 2160p.

Ultra HD is roughly 4x higher resolution than the now standard 1080p HD TV.

EDID – Extended Display Identification Data. EDID allows the display to communicate in a standard format to the display to communicate in a standard format to the source what kind of display is connected and its capability. This ensures the source definition does not exceed the display capability.

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