About us…

OMP was founded in 2008 by three partners with the same vision to become a leading global supplier of consumer electronic accessories

Experts in their own individual fields, the partners of OMP have combined their individual strengths in the knowledge, experience and expertise of their own products and markets and produced a global brand. We can offer you a one-stop shop solution for all your consumer electronic accessory needs.

OMP offers an extensive product portfolio incorporating style and simplicity into a wide range of consumer electronic accessories.

All products have been carefully selected and designed for self-installation offering a comprehensive range for the international marketplace.

All manufactured with high-quality materials and strict quality assurance.

OMP’s philosophy is simple – to provide the consumer with the highest possible quality and service at a fair and affordable price.

Chester Digital Supplies offers a wide range of TV wall mounts at the right price with outstanding quality

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OMP M7433 Extra Large Cantilever Wall Mount - Lite 42" - 70"

OMP M7433 Extra Large Cantilever Wall Mount – Lite 42″ – 70″


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