PROception products are designed with attention to detail to ensure they fit the purpose of the evolving marketplace. Please see some of the ways the designs help with common problems below

LTE and TETRA filtering

Nowadays within the VHF and UHF spectrum, there is a wide level of interference, PROception products are designed where required to mitigate the effects of out of band interference. Many products are designed with filters incorporated to mitigate the interference of both LTE and TETRA signals. Products are designed to provide protection above 791 MHz with attenuation peaking at around 25dB within the LTE band. Where built-in filtering is not an option or the choice is to fit in-line filters, products are offered which provide stop band or overlap blocking filtering as required to eliminate or reduce the interference to provide a good signal at the required delivery point. By using PROception products alone or in combination protection of up to 55 dB can be achieved. TETRA filtering is also incorporated in PROception products as appropriate to provide up to 30dB attenuation below 400 MHz and excellent immunity to out of band signals. With PROception products providing protection from out of band interference as standard at both ends of the UHF spectrum you can be confident of mitigating any problems.

Power Supplies and Energy Efficiency

With energy costs still rising rapidly and CO2 emission concerns an on-going issue it is good to know that PROception power supplies are built with energy efficiency in mind. This means a lower running cost to the consumer and also enhanced reliability as the units run cooler. On top of this, high-quality PROception components are chosen with the correct power ratings to help ensure trouble-free operation and long product lifetimes.

Regulatory Compliance

All PROception products are independently tested and certified for compliance with all relevant EMC and safety standards by a leading test laboratory. Where applicable products are CE marked to show compliance with the relevant standards. All products comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation and are WEEE compliant under a registered producer scheme.

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