SAC Electronics

SAC Electronics was established in 1955 by Samuel Arthur Collard, one of the pioneers of commercial television distribution products. More than half a century later and the company is still going strong. Many in the aerial trade still insist on the ‘little black boxes’ that S.A.C. has become best known for. Installers like products that are familiar, rugged and VERY reliable!

SAC is the UK’s largest TV aerial bracket manufacturer. The SAC Digital TV ‘Mux’ Aerial range is one of the fastest growing in the last 20 years and is becoming a common site on many UK and European streets. Professional satellite and CCTV connectors, satellite brackets, RG6 downlead and HDMI distribution equipment are other leading products from the UK’s fastest growing TV reception manufacturing company.

One of S.A.C. Electronics targets is to never run out of stock, in 2013 they managed an industry beating 99.8% average stockholding and have procedures in place to improve even further!
S.A.C are working hard to take the stress out of stock.

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