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Cat5e LJ6C Module

Cat5e UTP LJ6C module
Cat5e UTP LJ6C module
Cat5e UTP LJ6c module
Cat5e UTP LJ6c module
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Cat5e LJ6C Module

Category 5e LJ6C Module

LJ6C modules are ideal for use in floorboxes, or any application that has an industry standard LJ6C aperture. 

Single and dual gang faceplates are available for up to four LJ6C modules in addition to panels suitable for Ackerman floorboxes. 

Their attractive high gloss finish

and easy to use labelling system make them popular with both installers and users alike.

Installation is made easy with individual colour codes and the use of industry standard IDC’s.

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Cat5e UTP LJ6C module

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Standard Euromod Size

Low Profile Design

Supports Gigabit Ethernet

Suitable for 22-26AWG stranded and solid wire, compatible with Krone punch down tool

Cat5e LJ6C module is a type of connector that is used in Ethernet networks to connect Cat5e cables to wall sockets or patch panels. It consists of a rectangular plastic module with a RJ45 jack that can accept a Cat5e cable on one side and a LJ6C faceplate on the other side.

The Cat5e LJ6C module is designed to comply with the Cat5e standard for Ethernet cables, which supports data rates of up to 1 Gbps over distances of up to 100 meters. It provides a reliable and high-speed connection for devices such as computers, printers, and IP phones.

The LJ6C faceplate is a type of mounting plate that is used to attach the Cat5e module to a wall or surface. It consists of a rectangular plastic plate with a rectangular cut-out that matches the size of the Cat5e module. The faceplate also has screw holes for attaching it to a wall or surface.

To install a Cat5e LJ6C module, you would typically first mount the LJ6C faceplate onto the wall or surface using screws. You would then snap the Cat5e module into the cut-out on the faceplate, ensuring that the connector is properly aligned with the faceplate. Finally, you would connect the Cat5e cable to the RJ45 jack on the module, using a punch-down tool to terminate the wires.

Cat5e LJ6C modules are commonly used in commercial and residential installations, where they provide a neat and professional-looking solution for Ethernet connections. They are easy to install and can be easily replaced or upgraded as needed.


Width - 25mm

Depth - 19.5mm

Height - 38.5mm

Back-box - Depth Minimum 20mm with panel 15mm with faceplate

Mounting Hole Size - 22.3mm x 36.7mm

Panel Thickness - 2.0mm max

Material - Polycarbonate/ABS thermoplastic resin with grade UL94 VO at 1.5mm flame retardency

Finish - High gloss

IDC Labels - Individual colour code

IDC Blocks - 4 way industry standard IDC blocks

Conforms to - ANSI/TIA-568-C Enhanced Category 5 Specification