HomePlug, Powerline Adapters and WiFi Extenders

HomePlug technology is now firmly established as a home-networking alternative for interconnecting computers and gaming consoles via the existing household power circuit. The HomePlug standard turns ordinary power wiring into a data and multimedia network! Surf the Internet and share data up to 1200Mbps transfer rates and distances of up to 200 metres over existing electrical wiring in the home, office, or factory.

The easiest way to extend your broadband

 Extend your broadband into any room and onto any floor in the building, simply by getting a pair of Homeplugs, often referred to as 'starter kits'. Connect one HomePlug Ethernet adapter to an Internet-enabled ADSL / Cable Broadband Router and plug that it into a power socket, then plug the other adapter into another socket in the building! If you find you then want internet access in multiple rooms without moving the adapters from one socket to another, simply add additional ones where you need them! Homplugs can be bought in pairs or as a single adapter.