Inverto Twin Premium 40mm LNB

Inverto Twin Premium 40mm LNB

Inverto Twin Premium 40mm LNB

Inverto Black Ultra Twin PLL 40mm LNB

  • Superior Phase Noise performance DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant
  • Excellent isolation – extremely high cross-pole performance
  • Very low spurious levels
  • Superior Noise Figure
  • Higher conversion gain
  • Ultimate reliability





Inverto Twin Premium 40mm LNB

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Inverto Black Ultra Twin PLL 40mm LNB is a high-performance Low Noise Block (LNB) designed for satellite television systems. It's specifically made to enhance your reception in challenging situations like:

Weak signal areas: If you live in a fringe area where satellite signals are faint, the Inverto Black Ultra Twin PLL can help boost the signal and improve your picture quality.

Inverto Black Ultra Twin PLL 40mm LNB

Small dish sizes: When using a smaller satellite dish, the LNB plays a crucial role in capturing enough signal for a clear picture. This LNB's high gain helps compensate for the smaller dish area.

Long coax cables: If the cable connecting your LNB to your receiver is long, signal loss can occur. The Inverto Black Ultra Twin PLL's low noise figure minimizes this loss and maintains good signal quality.

Features of the Inverto Black Ultra Twin PLL 40mm LNB:

Twin LNB: It can receive signals from two satellites simultaneously, allowing you to connect two receivers or a single receiver with a twin tuner.

High gain: This LNB amplifies the received satellite signal, improving picture quality and reception, especially in weak signal areas.

Low noise figure: The LNB generates minimal noise, ensuring a clean and clear signal for optimal picture quality.

PLL (Phase Locked Loop): This technology provides precise frequency stability, leading to better signal reception and picture quality.

40mm feed horn: This size is compatible with most standard satellite dishes.

DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant: This LNB is suitable for receiving both standard and high-definition satellite broadcasts.

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