Inverto Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm LNB

Inverto Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm PLL LNB

Inverto Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm LNB

Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm PLL LNB

Specifically designed to address the demand of the global DTH market for a competitive and 4G/LTE protected solution, this LNB provides optimized reception capabilities using the latest chipset technology and waveguide design for satellite signal reception. 

It enables the reception of satellite TV from a single satellite and its distribution to 8 set-top boxes (or four twin tuner PVR) without the need for an external multiswitch.
  • Low Phase Noise, DVB-S2 (HD and UHD) compliant
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Low power consumption
  • High Cross Polarization Isolation
  • High-Frequency stability

Inverto Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm PLL LNB

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Inverto Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm LNB is a low noise block downconverter that is designed to receive satellite signals from multiple satellites simultaneously. It has eight output ports, which allows it to be used with up to eight satellite receivers or other devices.

The LNB is compatible with both standard and high definition satellite broadcasts, and it supports a wide frequency range from 10.7 GHz to 12.75 GHz. It also supports the Universal LNB frequency range of 9.75 GHz to 10.6 GHz, which makes it compatible with a wide range of satellite dishes and systems.

The Inverto Premium 8 Output Universal 40mm LNB is designed with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure reliable and stable signal reception. It has a low noise figure of 0.2 dB, which means that it can receive weak signals and deliver clear and sharp picture and sound quality.

In addition, the LNB is easy to install and comes with a weather-resistant housing that protects it from outdoor elements. Its compact size makes it suitable for use in tight spaces or in installations where multiple LNBs are needed.

Input frequency range

10.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz

Output frequency range

950 MHz ~ 1950 MHz

Low band LO frequency

9.75 GHz

High band LO frequency

10.6 GHz

Noise figure

0.7 dB typ. (1 dB max.)

LO frequency accuracy @ 25° C

±400 kHz max.

LO temperature drift

±800 kHz max.

LO phase noise @ 10 kHz

-90 dBc/Hz max.

Conversion gain

55 dB min.

Gain ripple (over 26 MHz bandwidth)

±0.6 dB

Gain variation (over full band)

±4 dB

Image rejection

40 dB min.

3th order intermodulation - ICP3

10 dBm typ.

1 dB compression point (@ output)

0 dBm min.

Cross polarization isolation

22 dB min.

Control signal Ca (V)

10.0 V ~ 14.0 V

Control signal Cb (H)

16.0 V ~ 20.0 V

Control signal Cc (band switching)

22 kHz ±4 kHz

Output VSWR

2.3 : 1

In band spurious level

-60 dBm max.

Current consumption

210 mA max. @ 11 VDC ~ 20 VDC

Operating temperature

-30 °C ~ +60 °C

Output impedance (LNB2)

75 Ω

Output connector type

F-type (female)

Dish F/D ratio



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