MaxxOne Kite M1S-KAMS-02 - Wireless Pet-friendly PIR


MaxxOne Kite M1S-KAMS-02 - Wireless Pet-friendly PIR

This pet-friendly PIR detects the movement of an intruder and alert users on the MaxxOne Kite system but ignores pets moving throughout the home. 

The Kite Wireless pet-friendly PIR features a high-performance infrared sensor, works under digital dual-core fuzzy logic operative programming and intelligent analysis, it accurately detects human body movement and efficiently avoids false alarms, especially from pets. 

  • Working Voltage DC 3V
  • Battery 2 × AA battery(1.5V)
  • Working Current ≤20mA
  • Standby Current ≤20μA
  • Detective Range 110°
  • Detective Distance 12m
  • Transmission Distance Without obstacle 200m
  • Transmission Frequency 433.92MHz
  • Working Temperature -20℃~50℃
  • Humidity ≤90%rh (non-condensing)
  • Weight 66g (battery not included), 113.9g (battery included), 62.3g (Bracket)
  • Dimension 99.6mm*54.0mm*40.2mm


Kite M1S-KAMS-02 - Wireless Pet-friendly PIR

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MaxxOne Kite Wireless Pet-friendly PIR (Passive Infrared) is a motion sensor designed for use in security systems, particularly in residential or commercial settings where pets are present. It is designed to detect motion while minimizing false alarms caused by pets moving within the monitored area.

The wireless feature of the MaxxOne Kite PIR allows for easy installation without the need for extensive wiring. It can be integrated with a MaxxOne security system or compatible alarm panel to provide reliable motion detection.

The "pet-friendly" aspect means that the sensor is programmed to ignore the movement of small animals, such as dogs or cats, while still effectively detecting human motion. This helps prevent false alarms triggered by pets and reduces unnecessary notifications to the security system.

Here are some key features typically associated with the MaxxOne Kite Wireless Pet-friendly PIR:

Passive Infrared Technology: The PIR sensor detects infrared energy emitted by objects in its field of view, allowing it to sense movement.

Pet Immunity: The sensor is designed to ignore the motion of small pets, typically up to a specific weight or size threshold. This prevents false alarms caused by the activities of animals.

Wireless Connectivity: The PIR sensor communicates wirelessly with the security system or alarm panel, eliminating the need for complex wiring during installation.

Adjustable Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the sensor can often be adjusted to suit the specific environment and to minimize false alarms while maintaining reliable detection.