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UTP CAT6 RJ45 Coupler

UTP CAT6 RJ45 Coupler 70421QR
Labgear Products Uk.

UTP CAT6 RJ45 Coupler

UTP CAT6 compliant RJ45 coupler for connecting RJ45 cables.

Suitable for extending a length of CAT5e or Cat6 cable and changing a CAT6 RJ45 plug to a socket connection.

4 x Different Marked Caps.

SKU :- 70421QR



UTP CAT6 RJ45 Coupler 70421QR

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UTP CAT6 RJ45 coupler is a device used to connect two UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) CAT6 Ethernet cables together. It is also known as an RJ45 inline coupler or RJ45 connector coupler.

Here's how it works:

Connect the two ends of the UTP CAT6 Ethernet cables to the coupler. The cables should have RJ45 connectors on both ends.

Insert one end of each cable into the respective female RJ45 ports on the coupler. The coupler will have two female RJ45 ports, one on each side.

Ensure that the connectors are fully inserted into the ports, and the cables are securely connected. You should hear a click or feel a firm connection.

Once the cables are connected, the coupler allows the signals to pass through from one cable to another, effectively extending the length of the Ethernet connection.

It's important to note that the UTP CAT6 RJ45 coupler is designed specifically for UTP CAT6 cables and should not be used with other types of cables, such as shielded cables or different category cables like CAT5e. Using the appropriate coupler ensures optimal performance and compatibility.

RJ45 couplers are useful in scenarios where you need to extend the length of an Ethernet cable run or connect two cables together. They are commonly used in home and office networking setups or when setting up temporary network connections.

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