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ML600 - Mini Maglock

  • 600lbs (280Kg) Holding Force
  • Magnet Size - 250L x 42W x 25D (mm)
  • Armature Size - 180L x 35W x 10D (mm)
  • Weight - 1.85Kgs


ML600 - Mini Magnet

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A maglock, short for "magnetic lock" or "electromagnetic lock," is a type of locking device commonly used in access control systems to secure doors and gates. It relies on electromagnetic force to keep a door locked. Here's how a typical maglock works:

Components: A maglock consists of two main components: an electromagnet (mounted on the door frame) and an armature plate (mounted on the door itself).

Electromagnet: The electromagnet is typically a coil of wire wound around a metal core. When an electrical current is applied to the coil, it generates a magnetic field.

Armature Plate: The armature plate is made of a ferrous material (usually steel) and is aligned with the electromagnet. When the electromagnet is energized, the magnetic field attracts the armature plate, effectively locking the door.

Release: To unlock the door, the electrical current to the electromagnet is interrupted, which turns off the magnetic field. This causes the armature plate to lose its magnetic attraction to the electromagnet, allowing the door to open.

Maglocks offer several advantages:

Strength: They provide strong and reliable security because they rely on electromagnetic force to keep the door locked.

No Mechanical Parts: Maglocks have fewer mechanical components than traditional locks, reducing wear and tear.

Quick Release: They can be quickly released in case of an emergency by simply cutting power to the electromagnet.

Durability: Maglocks are durable and can withstand a lot of physical force.

Maglocks are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings for access control, such as securing office buildings, warehouses, and secure areas within facilities. They are often integrated with access control systems, which allow authorized personnel to unlock doors using key cards, PINs, or other authentication methods. However, it's important to note that maglocks require a constant source of electrical power to remain locked, so they are not suitable for all applications, especially in situations where emergency egress is a concern.

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