Cable Tongue
Cable tongue

Cable Tongue

Cable Tongue is the new quick and easy way to run cables through interior walls and through awkward spaces.


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Product Description

How to use: Cable Tongue

Once received, your new Cable Tongue, it will be tightly coiled for shipping.

Some people prefer to keep the tongue like this for storage in a tool bag but most professionals choose to coil the Tongue back on itself in a large loop and tape.

This will mean the tongue is still coiled but is more manageable.

Another option for Cable Tongue storage is in a van roof tube. This keeps the tongue completely straight.

Example of use:

If the Tongue is being used to pull cables through a partition wall (insulation filled plaster board wall with vertical braces), then you will need a hole where the Tongue will enter the wall and an exit hole.

Simply push the Tongue into the entry hole and the Tongue will slide past any insulation or obstructions in the wall due to its unique smooth, flat shape.

Once the Tongue has exposed itself at the exit hole, you will now need to tape your cables onto the rear of the Tongue.

You can now pull your cables through making sure that you guide the cables through smoothly eliminating any damaged cables.

The Tongue is the only flat, plastic, flexible cable pulling tool that has the ability to slide through insulation filled walls.

What also makes the tongue so useful is its ability to be bent into a shape.

A simple bend at the end of the tongue will allow the tongue to pop out of small exit holes.

When you have pulled the cables through, you can simply bend the tongue back into shape.

Dimensions are Length 3600mm, Width 16mm and Height 4mm.