Clear Flow Core Gateway Controller

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Clear Flow Core Gateway Controller


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Product Description

Clear Flow Core Gateway Controller

The Clear Flow Core Gateway is at the heart of a Clear Flow installation and provides routing, control and 4 output ports PoE.

With an onboard programming and management software, the core gateway is ideal for powering and managing your WiFi system.

The Clear Flow Gateway is at its core, a powerful Gigabit network router and firewall.

It has additional functionality when paired with any other Clear Flow network device, allowing autonomous control over a single or groups of equipment.

Group scheduling allows multiple units to receive firmware updates, settings changes etc. automatically – greatly increasing the reasonable expandability available to Clear Flow-based networks.

  • Gigabit Gateway
  • The central controller for a Clear Flow system
  • WAN/LAN input/output ports
  • PoE LAN ports
  • Remote access
  • VLAN function
  • Manage groups of radios
  • Bandwidth management system
  • Rack-mountable

This model of the Clear Flow Gateway (GWPOE) has the addition of self-adaptive, 48V 802.3af PoE ports which can be used to power any other currently existing Clear flow device.

It can be useful when attempting to keep costs down.

Smaller budgets (with fewer numbers of access points), don’t have to factor in the price of PoE injectors or switches.

Any device which utilises standard PoE can be powered and networked directly through the I/O of the router itself.





Clear Flow Core Gateway Controller


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