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EZVIZ A1 Internet Alarm Hub


EZVIZ A1 Internet Alarm Hub


Product Description

EZVIZ A1 Internet Alarm Hub

A Wi-Fi security hub that works with EZVIZ alarm devices and Wi-Fi cameras to protect your home, controllable via the EZVIZ app. 100% wireless solution that takes just minutes to set up.

Voice Prompts

Beyond guiding you through the set-up, the EZVIZ A1 also sends voice alerts during emergencies.

Instant Alerts

Whenever the sensors are triggered, you will receive instant notifications on your phone

Versatile Mode Selection

Tell the EZVIZ A1 whether you’re home, out, or sleeping by selecting the corresponding mode on the EZVIZ K2 or via the EZVIZ app.

Integrated Solution

The A1 works with EZVIZ’s alarm devices and Wi-Fi cameras, giving you a more integrated home security system.

Supports up to 32 detectors for endless possibilities.

Control via EZVIZ App

With the EZVIZ App, you can remotely control the A1 and all devices connected to it even when you are away from home.

Model Parameters
Model CS-A1-32W
Wireless Detector
Maximum 32 (optional)
Distance Between Detector and A1 < 100m (Open Distance)
Detector Type Wireless Open-close Detector / Wireless Pet Immune PIR Detector / Wireless Siren Remote Control etc.
Carrier Frequency According to regulations: Europe version 868MHz / Asia version 433MHz / US version 915MHz
Transmission Power 10dBm
Network Features
Wi-Fi Supports Wi-Fi configuration via the EZVIZ app
Minimum Network Requirements 1M
External Interface
Micro USB Port 1
Voice Prompt
Voice Prompt Provides voice prompts and real-time voice alerts
Operating Conditions -10ºC ~ 55ºC, Humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)
Power Voltage DC 5V
Power Consumption ≤3W
Appearance Sleek Cobblestone Model
Product Dimensions 120mm × 100mm × 17mm
Packaging Dimensions 203.5mm x 147.5mm x 59mm
Weight 136g

EZVIZ A1 Internet Alarm Hub