Vision V10-13L Aerial 13 Ele 4G/LTE Filtered


Vision V10-13L Aerial 13 Ele 4G/LTE Filtered


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Vision V10-13L Vision Aerial 13 W/B Ch21-60 LTE Filter

Tuned for the new UHF band CH21-60 470-790Mhz.

Tuned to reject 4G-800LTE

Lightweight one-piece boom for rigidity

4mm wire elements for low wind load & high strength

F connector junction box with Super match balun

No-tools assembly

Technical Specification

Model: V10-13L

Channels: 21 – 60

Elements: 13

Boom sizes: 14mm boom

Forward Gain: 10dBd (12.15dBi)

Frequency range MHz: Wideband 470 – 790MHz (Ch21 – 60) Tuned to reject 4G800 LTE

Acceptance Angle: 20°

Front / Back Ratio: >22dB

Cross Polar Rejection: 22dB

Clamp: Fixed galvanised steel clamp up to 50mm (2”)

Weight kg: 0.55

Length mm: 980mm

Width mm: 500mm

Height mm: 665mm (reflector)




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Vision V10-13L Aerial 13 Ele 4g/lte Filtered