Proception RJ45 CAT5e Connector


Proception RJ45 CAT5e Connector

  • Easy to verify the correct wiring order by pushing the wires out of the front of the plug.
  • CAT 6 version available PRORJ45-6.
  • Weather boot available (PRORJ45-BOOT), place before the connector and then crimp the RJ45 plug, this will secure the weather boot with the plug.
  • The Klein Tool is a high quality, cost-effective product which is long life due to this and the replacement blades .
  • The RJ45 crimp tool is compatible with the standard and push through connectors; trimming the cable as it crimps.
  • In addition to this useful feature, it also strips and cuts cable giving you one tool with all the functions you need to fit a CAT5/5e/6 connector plug.
  • Per 100



Push Through Quick Fit Check, Trim & Crimp RJ45 CAT5/e Connector

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Proception Push Through Quick Fit, Trim & Crimp RJ45 CAT5e Connector is a type of connector used to terminate and connect Ethernet cables. The connector features a push-through design that allows the wires to be easily inserted into the connector, eliminating the need for stripping, and crimping individual wires.

To use the connector, the Ethernet cable is first prepared by trimming the cable to the desired length and untwisting the wires. The wires are then inserted into the connector, with the individual wires passing through the connector and coming out the other side. The connector is then pushed down over the wires, trimming the excess wire, and securing the connection.

The connector is designed to work with CAT5e Ethernet cables, which are commonly used for high-speed data networking. The connector is compatible with both solid and stranded cables and features a crimping mechanism that provides a secure and reliable connection.

The Push Through Quick Fit, Trim & Crimp RJ45 CAT5e Connector is easy to use and does not require any special tools or equipment, making it a convenient choice for both professional and DIY installations. Its compact size and easy-to-use design make it an excellent choice for tight spaces or when multiple connections need to be made quickly.

Push Through Quick Fit, Trim & Crimp RJ45 CAT5e Connector is a reliable and efficient connector that provides a quick and easy way to terminate and connect Ethernet cables. Its push-through design, compatibility with CAT5e cables, and easy-to-use crimping mechanism make it a popular choice for a wide range of networking applications.