Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings


Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings

Revolutionary rigifix all-in-one dry lined wall fixing solution 

After almost 20 months in research and development, their bespoke design team, in conjunction with a leading UK University have now achieved a product destined to be the fixing product of the year. Why Because its creation is led by its potential application. The days of traditional plastering are over; we dry line with plasterboard/fibreboard, which whilst economical and practical, raises issues for attaching contemporary heavy items such as plasmas and designer radiators. 

Suitable for: Fixing heavy-duty items e.g. TV/ PC/ Plasma screens, kitchen units, radiators, shelving, curtain poles, air conditioning units, etc. to a dry lined or fibre insulation board wall, transferring the load to the masonry without affecting the plasterboard integrity. 

Application: Drill hole to required diameter and depth, and insert the plastic Rigifix expansion plug. Using an Allen key screw into the plug the threaded sleeve until the sleeve is fully home, or to the level of the plug head. Place the Pozi headed set screw through your bracket/item and screw down into the Rigifix threaded sleeve. 

  • Material: Plug: Nylon. Sleeve: High-quality carbon machine steel. 
  • Finish: Bright zinc coated for protection. 
  • Rigifix M6 Sizes: M6 threaded set screw fixing.

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M6 Drywall Fixings

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Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings are heavy-duty wall anchors designed for use in drywall, plasterboard, or other hollow wall materials. They are used to provide a secure and reliable anchor point for heavy objects, such as shelving, mirrors, or cabinets.

These fixings feature a unique design that makes them stronger and more durable than traditional drywall anchors. They consist of a long steel screw with a specially designed thread that provides a strong grip in the wall material. The screw is attached to a metal sleeve, which expands as the screw is tightened, providing a secure and stable anchor point.

Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings are easy to install, requiring only a drill and a screwdriver. Simply drill a hole in the wall material, insert the fixing, and tighten the screw. The metal sleeve expands to create a tight grip on the wall material, providing a strong and secure anchor point.

Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings are a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and durable solution for mounting heavy objects on drywall or other hollow wall materials. They are strong, easy to install, and provide a secure anchor point that will hold up over time.