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RJ45 Crimp-on Connector (CAT 5E) x 10

SAC Electronics

RJ45 Crimp-on Connector (CAT 5E) x 10

10 x RJ45 Crimp-on Connector (CAT 5E)

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RJ45 Crimp-on Connector (CAT 5E)

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RJ45 Crimp-on Connector (CAT 5E) is a fundamental component used in networking and telecommunications to establish reliable connections between Ethernet cables and network devices. It is specifically designed for Category 5E (CAT 5E) Ethernet cables, which are commonly used for data transmission in local area networks (LANs).

Key features and characteristics of the RJ45 Crimp-on Connector (CAT 5E) include:

Connector Type: The RJ45 connector is a standardized interface used for Ethernet connections. It has eight pins that correspond to the individual wires within an Ethernet cable.

CAT 5E Compatibility: The connector is designed to work with Category 5E Ethernet cables, which are capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) and are suitable for most residential and small to medium-sized business networks.

Twisted Pair Design: Ethernet cables, including CAT 5E cables, typically consist of four pairs of twisted wires. The connector's design accommodates these pairs, providing separate contacts for each wire to ensure proper signal transmission and reduce interference.

Crimping Mechanism: The connector features small metal pins that correspond to the eight wires in the Ethernet cable. To create a connection, the wires are threaded through the connector and then crimped using a specialized crimping tool. This action secures the wires to the connector and ensures proper contact.

Color-Coded Wiring Scheme: The wiring sequence for Ethernet cables follows a specific color-coded pattern. The RJ45 connector usually features color-coded markings or guides to help users arrange the wires correctly, ensuring proper connectivity and data transmission.

Strain Relief: Many RJ45 connectors include a strain relief feature, which helps prevent the cables from being bent or pulled excessively at the point where they enter the connector. This enhances the durability of the connection and reduces the risk of damage to the wires.

Compatibility: RJ45 connectors are widely used in networking equipment such as routers, switches, computers, and other devices with Ethernet ports. They allow devices to be connected to LANs and the broader Internet.

DIY Installation: While professional installers often work with these connectors, they are also available for DIY enthusiasts who want to create their own Ethernet cables to custom lengths.

Standardization: The RJ45 connector is an industry-standard connector type, ensuring compatibility across different brands and devices that use Ethernet connections.