Triax United Kingdom

Triax SCS 8 - 8 Way Splitter

Triax United Kingdom

Triax SCS 8 - 8 Way Splitter

TRIAX 8-way splitter ideal for SAT-IF and MATV distribution networks.

  • Frequency range 5-2400 MHz
  • DC pass through over diodes from all outputs
  • High shielding
  • Return loss Grade 3
  • High-quality die-cast housing tin (Sn) coated
  • Acc. to EN 50083-2 & EN 60728-4



SCS 8 - 8-Way Splitter

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Triax SCS 8 is an 8-way splitter used in signal distribution systems, commonly employed in cable television (CATV), satellite TV, or other audio/video applications. It allows you to split a single input signal into eight separate outputs, enabling multiple devices to receive the same signal simultaneously.

Here are some key features and details about the Triax SCS 8:

Signal Distribution: The splitter takes a single input signal and divides it evenly among eight output ports, allowing you to connect up to eight devices or distribution points.

Frequency Range: The Triax SCS 8 is designed to operate within a specific frequency range, typically used for TV signals, satellite signals, or other RF (radio frequency) applications. The exact frequency range may vary depending on the model and version of the splitter.

Signal Loss: It's important to note that every time you split a signal, there is some loss in signal strength. The Triax SCS 8, like any splitter, will introduce a certain amount of signal loss, usually measured in decibels (dB). The specification for signal loss should be provided by the manufacturer and may differ based on the frequency range.

Power Pass: Some splitters, including the Triax SCS 8, may feature power pass functionality on one or more ports. Power pass allows you to send DC power (typically used to power devices like amplifiers or preamplifiers) through the splitter to the connected devices. This can be useful in setups where devices require power from the main source.

Build Quality: The Triax SCS 8 is typically designed with durable materials to ensure signal integrity and long-lasting performance. The connectors are often threaded F-type connectors, which are commonly used for coaxial cables in audio/video applications.

When setting up a system with the Triax SCS 8, you would connect the incoming signal to the input port of the splitter and then use coaxial cables to connect the output ports to the devices or distribution points you want to feed with the signal.


EAN Number



Shielding effeciency VHF/UHF

>110 dB



COAX splitter


Frequency range

5...2400 MHz


Insertion loss (in-out) 5-40 Mhz

11.8 dB

Insertion loss (in-out) 40-1000 Mhz

13.0 dB

Insertion loss (in-out) 1000-2150 MHz

16.5 dB

Insertion loss (in-out) 2150-2400 Mhz

17.0 dB


Isolation (tap-tap) 5-40 MHz

25 dB

Isolation (tap-tap) 40-1000 MHz

23 dB

Isolation (tap-tap) 1000-2150 MHz

23 dB

Isolation (tap-tap) 2150-2400 MHz

23 dB


Return loss (in-out) 5-40 MHz

8.5 dB

Return loss (in-out) 40-1000 MHz

11.0 dB

Return loss (in-out) 1000-2150 MHz

13.0 dB

Return loss (in-out) 2150-2400 MHz

12.0 dB



75 Ω



SAT, MATV 2.4Ghz +DC

Screening Efficiency

EN50083-2 (Class A)

DC Passthrough

Yes (max. 500mA)




Number of inputs


Number of outputs




65 mm x 119 mm x 20 mm

Bracket (optional)

2x BL / Art No 342102

Packing QTY


Product Height

65 mm

Product Width

119 mm

Product Depth

20 mm

Packaging Height

0,182 m

Packaging Width

0,128 m

Net Weight

0,125 kg

Total Weight

0,125 kg

PDFSpec Sheet

PDFTaps & Splitter Series