TRIAX TX100 Plus PVC Black Coax Cable TX100 Plus - 250m Reel

TX100 Plus PVC Black Coax Cable TX100 Plus - 250m Reel

TRIAX TX100 Plus PVC Black Coax Cable TX100 Plus - 250m Reel

  • Cost-effective professional cable solution
  • CAI Certified Cable
  • CPR EN5075 Compliant Class E
  • CE Marked
  • High screening efficiency
  • Copper inner conductor resulting in low signal loss
    EAN Number5702663708518
    Inner conductor - materialCu
    Inner conductor - dimension1.0 +/-0.02 mm
    Dielectric - materialFoam PE
    Dielectric - dimension4.6 mm
    1. Shield foil – materialCu/PET
    2. Shield braid - materialCu
    Jacket - materialPVC
    Screening attenuation @ 30-1000 MHz>90 dB
    Screening attenuation @ 1000-2000 MHz>75 dB
    Screening attenuation @ 2000-3000 MHz>72 dB
    TypeTX100 Plus
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 5 MHz2.0 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 50 MHz4.2 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 100 MHz6.5 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 200 MHz8.7 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 470 MHz13.3 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 862 MHz19.5 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1000 MHz19.9 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1750 MHz26.9 dB
    Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 2150 MHz30.3 dB
    Structural return loss @ 5-470 MHz>30 dB
    Structural return loss @ 470-862 MHz>28 dB
    Structural return loss @ 862-2400 MHz>25 dB
    Impedance75 Ω
    Capacity52 pF/m
    Velocity ratio84 %
    Inner DC resistance20.4 Ω/km
    Outer DC resistance13.8 Ω/km
    Fire ClassEN 50575 (Eca)
    DoP numberTR0019
    Notified Body0051
    Screening EfficiencyEN50117 (Class A)
    Cable length250 m
    Minimum bending radius40 mm
    Packaging Height0,150 m
    Packaging Width0,360 m
    Packaging Depth0,360 m
    Packaging Volume0,019 m3
    Net Weight13,250 kg
    Tara Weight0,200 kg
    Total Weight13,450 kg

    PDFSpec Sheet

    PDFCAI Certificate

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