Wolsey LTE 700 Distribution Amplifier 16 Way 334087


Wolsey LTE 700 Distribution Amplifier 16 Way 334087

Wolsey LTE 700 16 Way Distribution Amplifier

• LTE700 protected Distribution Amplifier

• Allows distribution to multiple TV's around the home

• 2 Input 16 Output

• F-Connectors

• Power on LED

• Easy to mount fixings

• Mains powered

• Variable Gain 0-10 dB

• Switched line power 12 V DC

Need extra coax cable ?




Triax LTE700 16 Way Distribution Amplifier

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Triax LTE 700 Distribution Amplifier is a device used in signal distribution systems to amplify and distribute signals from a single source to multiple outputs. In this case, the "16 Way" refers to the number of output ports available on the amplifier.

LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution, which is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile devices. The Triax LTE 700 Distribution Amplifier is designed to work with LTE 700 MHz frequencies, ensuring proper signal distribution for LTE-based devices.

Features and functionality of the Triax LTE 700 Distribution Amplifier:

Signal Amplification: The amplifier boosts the incoming signal to ensure sufficient strength for distribution to multiple devices.

Signal Distribution: It takes the amplified signal and splits it into multiple outputs, allowing you to connect up to 16 devices simultaneously.

LTE 700 Compatibility: The amplifier is specifically designed to handle LTE 700 MHz frequencies, which are commonly used for cellular communications.

Low Noise Figure: The device is engineered to maintain a low noise figure, ensuring minimal signal degradation during amplification and distribution.

Compact Design: The Triax LTE 700 Distribution Amplifier is typically built in a compact form factor, making it suitable for installation in various settings, such as residential or commercial environments.

When setting up the amplifier, you would connect the input port to the signal source, such as a cable or antenna, and then connect the desired devices to the output ports to distribute the signal. The amplifier ensures that each connected device receives an amplified and properly distributed signal.


EAN Number      5702663340879


Output frequency range 85...694 MHz

Frequency range UHF     470...694 MHz

Frequency Range FM      87.5...108 MHz

Frequency Range DAB    217...230 MHz

Frequency range VHF     85...230 MHz


Max. Output level (@ full dig. load)          94.0 dBµV


Impedance         75 Ω


Gain       10 +/-2 dB

Noise figure        <5 dB


AC Supply voltage            230 ±10% / 50Hz VAC


Number of inputs             2

Number of outputs         16


Weight (kg) TB(D)            1 kg

Colour   RAL 7016 - Anthracite grey

Packing QTY        1

Product Height  297 mm

Product Width   142 mm

Product Depth   58 mm

Packaging Height              0.060 m

Packaging Width               0.310 m

Packaging Depth              0.145 m

Packaging Volume           0.003 m3

Net Weight         0.810 kg

Tara Weight       0.125 kg

Total Weight      0.935 kg

Remarks              fully screened within plastic housing

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