Triax MOD103T - HDMI to COFDM Modulator

Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator 300128
Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator 300128
Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator 300128
Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator 300128
Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator 300128

Triax MOD103T - HDMI to COFDM Modulator

Watch + control HD content at each TV location using existing coax cable infrastructure

  • New compact design
  • All inputs and outputs on one side for ease of installation
  • Full HD Video and HDMI Loop through
  • IR Control when used with Digital Links and IR Pass Amplifiers
  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Combine multiple modulators together for more HD channels on your network – watch different sources on different TV’s
  • Output combined with existing RF signals
  • RF Output level control
  • Fully agile output
  • IR Emitter required at HDMI source (supplied)
  • Compatible with HDMI sources
  • Ideal solution for domestic and commercial installations
  • Add 1 x 1m Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet


Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator 300128

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Triax MOD103T is an HDMI to COFDM Modulator, which is a device that converts a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) signal into a COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) signal. This type of modulator is commonly used in broadcasting, cable distribution, and video distribution systems to convert and distribute HDMI content to multiple televisions or monitors over coaxial cable networks. 

1. HDMI to COFDM Conversion: The Triax MOD103T is designed to convert HDMI signals, which typically carry audio and video data from sources such as media players, Blu-ray players, cameras, or computers, into COFDM signals. COFDM is a modulation scheme used for digital terrestrial television broadcasting and distribution.

2. Video Distribution: This modulator is used for distributing HDMI content to multiple televisions or monitors in environments such as hotels, hospitals, stadiums, educational institutions, and commercial spaces.

3. COFDM Modulation: COFDM is a modulation technique that is efficient in transmitting digital signals over air or cable. It provides resistance to multipath interference and offers robust transmission of signals, making it suitable for reliable distribution in various settings.

4. Channel Configuration: The Triax MOD103T allows users to configure the COFDM channel parameters, including frequency, bandwidth, and modulation settings. This customization ensures compatibility with the receiving devices and optimal signal quality.

5. HD Content Preservation: The modulator maintains the high-definition quality of the HDMI input signal during conversion, allowing viewers to experience the content in its original clarity.

6. RF Output: The modulator outputs the converted COFDM signal in radio frequency (RF) format, which can be distributed through coaxial cable networks to various television sets or monitors.

7. Compatibility: The Triax MOD103T is compatible with various types of HDMI sources, making it versatile for connecting different types of media devices.

8. Easy Installation: The modulator is typically designed for easy installation. It can be mounted in equipment racks or enclosures, and its user-friendly interface simplifies the setup and configuration process.

9. Commercial Applications: The MOD103T is often used in commercial applications where centralized content distribution is required, such as in hotels where guests need access to TV channels or multimedia content.

10. Professional Use: The Triax MOD103T is intended for professional use in broadcasting and distribution systems, and it is commonly used by AV integrators, installers, and professionals in the audio visual industry.

Triax MOD103T - HDMI to COFDM Modulator is a device that converts HDMI signals into COFDM signals for distribution to multiple televisions or monitors over coaxial cable networks. Its capabilities in preserving HD content, customization of channel parameters, and ease of installation make it a useful tool for distributing high-quality multimedia content in various commercial and professional settings.


EAN Number5702663001282


Video InputHDMI
Audio InputStereo, HDMI
Video resolutionUp to 1080p@30Hz Pixel
Video CompressionH.264 4.0
Audio CompressionMPEG-2, AAC
Number of carriers2K / 8K
Guard Interval1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
Code rate1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Output level< 95 dBµV
MER<30 dB


Input connectorHDMI, F-terrestrial loop through


Impedance75 Ω




Frequency range177...858 MHz
Bandwidth6/7/8 MHz


DC Operating voltage12 VDC
Service SettingsServ. Name: Edit service name Serv. ID: 1-65535
Stream SettingsOrig Netw ID: 1-65535 Netw ID: 1-65535 TS ID: 1-65535 Netw Name: Edit Network Name
Parameter SettingsConst: QPSK/16QAM/64QAM Code Rate: 5/6, 7/8 Guard Interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 Trans Mode: 2K, 8K Bandwidth: 6,7,8 MHz


DisplayLCD panel and buttons
Packing QTY1
Product Height25 mm
Product Width190 mm
Product Depth120 mm
Packaging Height0.058 m
Packaging Width0.254 m
Packaging Depth0.204 m
Packaging Volume0.003 m3
Net Weight0.750 kg
Tara Weight0.180 kg
Total Weight0.930 kg

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Triax Hdmi modulator