Triax TMM 9 x 24T - Term. 8SAT+1TER / 24out Cascade Multiswitch

TMM 9x24T - Term. 8SAT+1TER / 24out Cascade Multiswitch

Triax TMM 9 x 24T - Term. 8SAT+1TER / 24out Cascade Multiswitch

Fully modular and cascadable, the TMM 9 input series can be used for systems with 1 or 2 satellite positions plus terrestrial.

  • 8 satellite IF and 1 terrestrial TV inputs and 24 terminated subscriber outputs
  • 8 satellite IF and 1 terrestrial with adjustable level control
  • Cable loss compensation with built-in amplification
  • Colour coded output connections
  • LED power indication on each Trunk line
  • Supplied with output earth bond bars
  • Line powered from trunk and/or receiver
    EAN Number5702663016736
    Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD395 dBµV
    Max. output level TER @ -60dB IMD385 dBµV
    Switching15V +/-1V kHz
    Switch commands13V, 18V, 13V 22kHz, 18V 22kHz, DiSEqC 2.0
    Frequency range TER47-862 MHz
    Frequency range SAT950-2150 MHz
    Tap loss TER10.0 dB
    Tap loss SAT10.0 dB
    Insertion loss - trunkline TERN/A dB
    Insertion loss - trunkline SATN/A dB
    Adjustable attenuator TER0-12 dB
    Adjustable attenuator SAT0-12 dB
    Isolation SAT to TER30 dB
    Isolation TER to SAT30 dB
    Isolation cross polarisation H/V25 dB
    Isolation out-out TER25 dB
    Isolation out-out SAT30 dB
    Return loss SAT inputs10.0 dB
    Return loss SAT outputsN/A dB
    Return loss TER inputs10.0 dB
    Return loss TER outputsN/A dB
    Return loss TAP outputs8.0 dB
    Impedance75 Ω
    LINE power DC voltage (max.)12 (TER Trunk Line) VDC
    LINE power current (max.)140 mA
    Max. current to each output (supplied by set top box)<250 mA
    Control LEDsYes
    Temperature - operating0...50 °C
    Connector DCDC jack 3.5mm
    Number of inputs9
    Number of trunk inputs8 SAT, 1 TER
    Number of trunk outputsTerminated
    Subscriber outputs24
    Colorcoding @IF/TER inputsVL=Black, VH=Red, HL=Green, HH=Yellow
    Product Height320 mm
    Product Width250 mm
    Product Depth120 mm
    Packaging Height0,125 m
    Packaging Width0,325 m
    Packaging Depth0,255 m
    Packaging Volume0,010 m3
    Net Weight2,740 kg
    Tara Weight0,410 kg
    Total Weight3,150 kg

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