Triax United Kingdom

Triax TX100 Plus PVC Black

TX100 Plus PVC Black Coax Cable TX100 Plus - 250m Reel
TX100 Plus PVC Black Coax Cable TX100 Plus overview
Triax United Kingdom

Triax TX100 Plus PVC Black

CAI Approved Coax Cable TX100 Plus - 250m

  • Cost-effective professional cable solution
  • CAI Certified Cable
  • CPR EN5075 Compliant Class E
  • CE Marked
  • High screening efficiency
  • Copper inner conductor resulting in low signal loss

TX100 Plus PVC Black Coax Cable TX100 Plus - 250m Reel

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Triax Copper CT100 CAI approved cable is a type of coaxial cable that is designed to carry television and radio signals in the United Kingdom. The CT100 designation refers to the specific design and specifications of the cable, which is a 75-ohm impedance cable that is designed to carry high-frequency signals over long distances. CAI stands for the Confederation of Aerial Industries, which is an organization that sets standards for the installation and maintenance of TV and radio reception equipment in the UK.

Copper CT100 CAI approved cable is made from high-quality copper, which provides excellent signal quality and low signal loss over long distances. The cable features a solid copper core, which is surrounded by a layer of dielectric material, and then a braided copper shield. This shield helps to prevent signal interference and ensures the highest possible signal quality.

The CAI approval means that the cable meets the strict quality and safety standards set by the Confederation of Aerial Industries. This ensures that the cable is safe and reliable for use in homes, businesses, and other applications in the UK. CAI-approved cables have been tested and approved to meet specific performance criteria, including signal quality, electrical safety, and environmental safety.

Overall, Copper CT100 CAI approved cable is an excellent choice for anyone looking to install or upgrade a TV or radio reception system in the UK. Its high-quality construction, low signal loss, and CAI approval ensure that it will provide excellent signal quality and safety for many years to come.

EAN Number5702663708518


Cable length250 m
Minimum bending radius40 mm
Packaging Height0.150 m
Packaging Width0.360 m
Packaging Depth0.360 m
Packaging Volume0.019 m3
Net Weight13.250 kg
Tara Weight0.200 kg
Total Weight13.450 kg


Inner conductor - dimension1.0 +/-0.02 mm
Dielectric - dimension4.6 mm


DoP numberTR0019
Notified Body51


Screening attenuation @ 30-1000 MHz>90 dB
Screening attenuation @ 1000-2000 MHz>75 dB
Screening attenuation @ 2000-3000 MHz>72 dB


Impedance75 Ω
Capacity52 pF/m
Velocity ratio84 %
Inner DC resistance20.4 Ω/km
Outer DC resistance13.8 Ω/km


Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 5 MHz2.0 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 50 MHz4.2 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 100 MHz6.5 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 200 MHz8.7 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 470 MHz13.3 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 862 MHz19.5 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1000 MHz19.9 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 1750 MHz26.9 dB
Attenuation (20°C/100mtr) @ 2150 MHz30.3 dB


Structural return loss @ 5-470 MHz>30 dB
Structural return loss @ 470-862 MHz>28 dB
Structural return loss @ 862-2400 MHz>25 dB
PDFSpec Sheet
PDFCAI Certificate