Vision EV5-55A - IRS System Amplifier 4 x Sat+Terr (GRP K) +12V

Vision EV5-55A - IRS System Amplifier 4 x Sat+Terr (GRP K) +12V

Vision EV5-55A - IRS System Amplifier 4 x Sat+Terr (GRP K) +12V

The EV5-55A IRS amplifier is designed for small to medium-sized systems. The amplifier has 15dB fixed satellite gain with 3dB built-in slope and switchable terrestrial gain from –10, 0 or +10dB which allows high off-air signals to be attenuated.



Vision EV5-55A - IRS System Amplifier 4 x Sat+Terr (GRP K) +12V

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Vision EV5-55A is an IRS system amplifier designed for use with satellite and terrestrial TV systems. It has 4 inputs for satellite and terrestrial signals and is designed to distribute signals to multiple outlets in a building, such as apartments or hotel rooms.

The EV5-55A is compatible with both standard and high-definition satellite signals and has a built-in amplifier to boost signal strength. It also features gain and tilt controls to help optimize the signal quality for each outlet. The amplifier can be powered via a separate DC power supply unit, making it suitable for use in larger installations.

The EV5-55A is designed to be used as part of an Integrated Reception System (IRS), which is a type of TV distribution system used in buildings with multiple dwellings. An IRS system allows for multiple satellite and terrestrial signals to be received and distributed to each dwelling in a building via a single cable network.

Vision EV5-55A is a reliable and versatile amplifier that is ideal for use in larger IRS installations where multiple satellite and terrestrial signals need to be distributed to multiple outlets.

  • Satellite gain 17dB fixed with 3dB slope
  • Masthead line powering 100mA with short circuit protection with dual colour LED Green/Red
  • -10, 0, +10dB switched Terrestrial Gain
  • Through Current 1 Amp per leg (maximum 2.0A)
  • Direct connection 18VDC powering or line powered via horizontal trunk lines
  • 180mA max current consumption
  • Fully-screened housing to reject interference

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