Vision 12 Element Yagi Aerial

V12-12FAK - 12 Element Yagi Aerial

Vision 12 Element Yagi Aerial

Group K CH21-48 470-694MHz

This model is a very high-performance aerial that has been built for simple, quick installations using a no-tools construction with large thumb-nuts for the mast clamp. 

Featuring high gain and superior directivity with a large reflector and low wind-loading. 

Performance is enhanced thanks to the exclusive Vision Supermatch Balun. 

This aerial has an excellent front/back ratio and directivity with excellent impulse noise reduction. 

The mast clamp is designed to fit 25-50mm (1" to 2") masts and the 18mm boom adds rigidity and long service life. This version of the high gain X12 Aerial has been tuned for channels 21-48 and is designed for low to medium signal areas whilst rejecting 5G-LTE mobile phone transmissions.

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V12-12FAK - 12 Element Yagi Aerial

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Vision 12 Element Yagi Aerial Group K CH21-48 is a directional antenna designed for receiving TV signals in the frequency range of 470-694MHz. The Yagi antenna is named after its inventor, Hidetsugu Yagi, and is characterized by a series of parallel elements, typically made of metal rods or tubes, which are arranged along a straight line. The elements are spaced and sized in a specific way to create a directional beam pattern that can be aimed at the desired TV station's transmitter.

The Vision 12 Element Yagi Aerial Group K CH21-48 has 12 elements, including a dipole element, a reflector element, and 10 director elements. The dipole element is the main element that receives the signal, while the reflector element reflects the signal back towards the dipole, thereby increasing the signal strength. The director elements are positioned in front of the dipole and are slightly smaller than the dipole element. They work together to focus the received signal in a specific direction, thus increasing the antenna's gain.

The Group K CH21-48 designation refers to the frequency range of the antenna. "Group K" is the frequency band allocated for TV broadcasting in the UK, while "CH21-48" refers to the specific channels within that band, which corresponds to frequencies between 470-694MHz.

Vision 12 Element Yagi Aerial Group K CH21-48 is a high-gain antenna that can provide excellent TV reception in areas with weak signals, provided that it is aimed correctly towards the transmitter.

 Tuned for UHF Group K CH21-48 470-694MHz. 

 Tuned to reject 5G-700LTE 

 Lightweight one-piece boom for rigidity 

 Galvanised mast-clamp for 25 to 50mm masts

 4mm wire elements for low wind load & high strength 

 F connector junction box with Super match™ balun 

 “No-tools" assembly