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Triax / Wolsey Distribution Amplifiers

Wolsey Amplifier 2 way || 334082
Wolsey Amplifier 4 way || 334083
Wolsey Amplifier 6 way || 334084
Wolsey Amplifier 8 way || 334085
Wolsey Amplifier 12 way || 334086
Wolsey Amplifier 16 way || 334087
Triax United Kingdom

Triax / Wolsey Distribution Amplifiers

Wolsey LTE700 Distribution Amplifier 

  • LTE700 protected Distribution Amplifier
  • Allows distribution to multiple TV's around the home
  • 2 Input 16 Output
  • F-Connectors
  • Power on LED
  • Easy to mount fixings
  • Mains powered
  • Variable Gain 0-10 dB
  • Switched line power 12 V DC

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Wolsey Amplifier 2 way || 334082

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Wolsey LTE700 Distribution Amplifiers, these device's are used for distributing TV signals to multiple Tv's, such or set-top boxes. The LTE700 in the name refers to the device's capability to handle LTE signals in the 700 MHz band.

The distribution amplifier has comes in multiple outputs, allowing it to split the input signal into separate signals, each with the same quality and strength. This can be useful in situations where multiple TVs or devices need to receive the same signal.

The amplifier is designed to provide a clean and strong signal with minimal noise and distortion, and it features a built-in LTE filter to prevent interference from mobile phone signals.

Wolsey LTE700 Distribution Amplifiers a reliable and efficient solution for distributing TV signals in a home or commercial setting.

PDF2 way spec sheet
PDF4 way spec sheet 
PDF6 way spec sheet 
PDF8 way spec sheet 
PDF12 way spec sheet 
PDF16 way spec sheet 


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