Triax Zone 2 Satellite Dish

60cm Elliptical Zone 2 Satellite Dish for SKY & Freesat

Triax Zone 2 Satellite Dish

60cm Elliptical Zone 2 Satellite Dish for SKY & Freesat

Suitable for Sky and Freesat installations

  • Sky approved R2 elliptical satellite dish
  • Perforated reflector
  • Tilt/skew adjustment
  • Supplied with a wall mount bracket
  • Polyester powder coated reflector and bracketry

NOT included with the dish: LNB, feed clamp and mounting button, coach screws, nylon plugs

  • Add Universal Quad LNB c/w Bracket
  • Add Universal Octo LNB c/w Bracket
  • Add SKYQ 6 Output Hybrid LNB
  • Add SKYQ 2 Output Wideband LNB
  • Add 4 x F type twist-on connector with O-ring
  • Add 8 x F type twist-on connector with O-ring
  • Add 4 x Coach Bolt Washer & Nylon Plug


60cm Elliptical Zone 2 Satellite Dish for SKY & Freesat

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The dish is elliptical in shape and measures 60cm across its widest point. This size is larger than the previously mentioned 44cm dish and may provide a stronger and more focused signal, which is necessary for receiving broadcasts from satellites operating in Zone 2.

As with other satellite dishes, the 60cm elliptical Zone 2 dish works by capturing and focusing satellite signals onto an LNB (low-noise block) which is mounted at the end of the arm of the dish. The LNB amplifies and converts the signal into a form that can be decoded by a satellite receiver connected to a TV or other display device.

To receive satellite broadcasts with this dish, it is necessary to correctly align it with the satellite that is transmitting the signal. This generally requires knowledge of the specific satellite being used, its orbital position, and access to specialized equipment for fine-tuning the dish's alignment.

In summary, the 60cm elliptical Zone 2 satellite dish is a larger and more powerful option than the 44cm elliptical Zone 1 dish. It is specifically designed to receive satellite signals from outside the main footprint of the satellite's coverage area and can provide a stronger, more reliable signal for viewers in these areas. However, as with all satellite dishes, the quality and strength of the signal received will depend on a few factors such as the strength of the satellite signal, the quality of the LNB, and the alignment of the dish.


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Packing QTY6
Packaging Height0.000 m
Packaging Width0.000 m
Packaging Depth0.000 m
Packaging Volume0.000 m3
Net Weight21.545 kg
Tara Weight1.635 kg
Total Weight23.180 kg

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