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2" Mast Coupler

A device that enables two 2" diameter masts to be 'joined' to achieve a greater height.

Made from bright zinc plated (BZP) steel offering corrosion resistance preventing rusting and oxidization.

Comes with 10 BZP screws and nuts to securely join the masts together.

Strong and sturdy ensuring a safe installation.

Easy to store and transport.

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2" Mast Coupler

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2" mast coupler is a device used to connect two pieces of 2-inch diameter mast or pole together. It is commonly used in the construction of various structures, such as antenna towers, flagpoles, and IRS / Digital aerials  that require additional height.

The coupler is typically made of metal and has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 2 inches on both ends. The ends of the coupler have threaded openings that allow it to be screwed onto the two sections of the mast or pole that are being joined. Once the coupler is securely fastened to both sections, it effectively creates a single, continuous mast or pole that can be used for its intended purpose.

When selecting a mast coupler, it's important to ensure that it's the right size for the mast or pole being joined. Using a coupler that's too small or too large can compromise the structural integrity of the installation and potentially cause it to fail. It's also important to choose a high-quality coupler that's designed to withstand the weight and stress of the installation to ensure that it will remain secure and stable over time.