All-Rack Network Cabinets

Specialises in providing solutions for network rack systems.

What is a data cabinet ? Data cabinets Cater to the needs of IT infrastructure, networking, telecommunications, data centers, and other spaces requiring organized and efficient equipment storage. Here's a description of All-Rack:

1. Solutions: All-Rack offers a comprehensive range of rack system solutions designed to effectively store and organize equipment in a variety of settings. Their products are engineered to streamline equipment management and optimize space utilisation.

2. Industry-Specific Products: The brand's solutions are tailored to suit the requirements of specific industries, including IT, networking, telecommunications, and data centres. Their products are designed to meet the unique challenges and demands of these environments.

3. Rack Cabinets and Enclosures: All-Rack provides rack cabinets and enclosures that house servers, networking devices, and other equipment securely. These cabinets offer features such as adjustable shelves, ventilation options, cable management, and lockable doors.

4. Open Frame Racks: Open frame racks from All-Rack are designed for easy access and efficient airflow. They are suitable for housing servers, switches, patch panels, and other equipment.

5. Cable Management: The brand's products often feature integrated cable management solutions that help organize and route cables, reducing clutter and improving airflow for better equipment performance.

6. Equipment Protection: All-Rack's rack systems are designed to protect valuable equipment from environmental factors, dust, and unauthorised access, ensuring the longevity and reliable operation of the stored devices.

7. Versatility: All-Rack's solutions are versatile and can accommodate various equipment sizes and form factors. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

8. Efficient Space Utilization: The brand's rack systems are engineered to optimize space utilization, allowing businesses to maximize their available floor area and efficiently manage their equipment infrastructure.

9. Professional Aesthetics: All-Rack's products often feature sleek and professional designs that contribute to organized and visually appealing equipment storage solutions.

We Stock a wide range of wall mount cabinets, if you require floor standing please contact us to confirm stock availability