Flexson Mounts for Sonos

Accessories for Sonos wireless speakers and audio systems.

Sonos is a well-known brand that offers a range of high-quality wireless speakers, soundbars, and audio components that can be connected and controlled through a network. Flexson creates a variety of accessories that complement and enhance the functionality of Sonos products, providing users with more options for installation, placement, and customization.

Speaker Stands: Flexson offers dedicated stands for Sonos speakers that provide stability and optimal positioning for better audio performance. These stands can be used to elevate the speakers to ear level and reduce interference from surfaces.

Wall Mounts: Flexson wall mounts are designed to securely mount Sonos speakers to walls. This can be particularly useful for saving space or integrating speakers into room design.

Ceiling Mounts: For certain Sonos speakers, Flexson offers ceiling mounts that allow you to install speakers in elevated positions for better sound dispersion.

Cable Management: Flexson provides cable management solutions that help conceal and organize the cables connected to Sonos products. This ensures a neat and tidy installation.

Colour Options: Some Flexson products come in different color options, allowing users to match the accessories to their room's décor or the color of their Sonos speakers.

Desk Stands: Flexson offers desk stands for smaller Sonos speakers, providing an elegant solution for placing speakers on desks, tables, or shelves.

Adapter Plates: Adapter plates from Flexson can help you install Sonos soundbars onto TV brackets or stands.

Custom Accessories: Depending on the specific Sonos product, Flexson creates a range of custom accessories that cater to the unique design and features of each speaker model.