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Adastra Desktop Rack Stand - 9U

Adastra Desktop Rack Stand - 9U 953.559UK
Adastra Desktop Rack Stand - 9U 953.559UK
Adastra Audio Products

Adastra Desktop Rack Stand - 9U

Open format stands for stacking 19" rack equipment on a desktop or work surface. 

Supplied as an easily assembled 5-section kit with rack mounting hardware, pre-punched rack strip and anti-slip rubber feet.

A useful option for assembling several units where a full cabinet is not needed.




Adastra Desktop Rack Stand - 9U 953.559UK

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Adastra 19" Desktop Rack Stand with a 9U capacity is a specialized piece of equipment designed to hold and organize audio, video, or networking equipment in a compact desktop form factor.

Size: It is specifically designed to accommodate 19" rack-mountable equipment, which is a standard size in the audio, video, and networking industry.

Desktop Form Factor: Unlike traditional rack cabinets that are mounted on the floor or wall, this rack stand is designed to sit on a desk or table, providing easy access to the equipment.

9U Capacity: The rack stand can house equipment up to 9U in height. A "U" (unit) is a standard measurement for the height of rack-mountable equipment, where 1U is equal to 1.75 inches (44.45 mm). In this case, the rack stand can accommodate equipment up to approximately 15.75 inches (400 mm) in height.

Sturdy Construction: It is built with durable materials, ensuring stability and protection for the equipment housed within the rack.

Ventilation: The rack stand may have built-in ventilation features such as perforated panels or fans to prevent equipment overheating.

Cable Management: It may provide options for cable management, such as cable routing holes or built-in cable management channels, to keep the cables organized and minimize clutter.

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