All-Rack Network Cabinets

All-Rack 1U Cable ManBar MANBAR1U4R

All-Rack 1U Cable Management Bar
All-Rack Network Cabinets

All-Rack 1U Cable ManBar MANBAR1U4R

The 1U Cable Management Panel is the perfect horizontal cable management solution for any cabling network or rack-mounted devices in data cabinets/server racks. Within most cabinets a degree of cable management is required to ensure a degree of tidiness, this cable management panel provides this through the use of rings that attach to the 19" front or back mounting posts.

  • 1U high horizontal cable management panel
  • Standard 19" design for all cabinet designs
  • Ideal for tidy cable routing
  • A high-quality finish in gloss black
  • 4x65mm Rings




All-Rack 1U Cable Management Bar

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The All-Rack 1U Cable Management Bar is a device used for organizing and securing cables in server racks and other network equipment. It is a 1U rack-mountable device, which means it takes up one unit of vertical space in a standard server rack.

The cable management bar typically has multiple slots or rings where cables can be routed and secured, preventing them from becoming tangled or interfering with other cables. The design of the bar allows for easy installation and removal of cables, making maintenance and upgrades simpler.

Proper cable management is important for maintaining network reliability and preventing downtime. It also improves airflow within the server rack, which can help keep equipment running at optimal temperatures. The All-Rack 1U Cable Management Bar is just one of many tools available for achieving effective cable management in data centres and other networking environments.