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Antiference IR Sensor

Antiference IR Sensor ME200BKBF
Antiference Solutions

Antiference IR Sensor

RemoteLink Eye F IR sensor

Antiference is a brand known for its range of products related to signal distribution, including antennas, amplifiers, and distribution equipment for television and radio signals. 

IR sensors (sky magic eyes )are designed to be part of a broader system for controlling electronic devices remotely, possibly integrated with their other signal distribution products.




Antiference IR Sensor ME200BKBF

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Antiference IR sensor is designed to receive infrared (IR) signals and convert them into electrical signals that can be interpreted by electronic devices. Infrared signals are commonly used for remote control applications, allowing users to interact with various electronic devices such as TVs, DVD players, and air conditioners from a distance.

The function of an Antiference IR sensor would typically involve receiving IR signals from a remote control device and transmitting corresponding electrical signals to control the operation of connected electronic equipment. This could include functions such as changing channels, adjusting volume, or navigating menus on a television or other compatible devices.

What is a  Sky Magic Eye,

Connect the Magic Eye: First, ensure that your Sky box is connected to your TV and set up properly. Then, connect the Sky Magic Eye to the RF2 output on the back of your Sky box. The RF2 output is labelled and usually found alongside the other connections on the back of the box.

Check Settings: Make sure your Sky box settings are configured to allow control from another room. You can usually find this setting in the Sky box menu under "Services" or "Settings." Look for an option related to RF Out or RF2 Power Supply and ensure it's set to "On."

Position the Magic Eye: Place the Magic Eye in the room where you want to control the Sky box. Ensure there is a clear line of sight between the Magic Eye and the remote control.

Tune the TV: If you're setting up the Magic Eye for control of the Sky box on a second TV, you may need to tune the TV to receive the signal from the Magic Eye. This typically involves selecting the correct channel or input source on the second TV.

Test the Setup: Once everything is connected and configured, test the setup by using the remote control pointed at the Magic Eye. You should be able to control the Sky box from the second room.

Troubleshoot: If you encounter any issues, double-check all connections and settings. Ensure that the Magic Eye is positioned correctly and that no obstructions are blocking the IR signal between the Magic Eye and the remote control.

Further Adjustments: Depending on your setup and preferences, you may need to make further adjustments to optimize the performance of the Magic Eye, such as adjusting the positioning of the Magic Eye or the sensitivity of the IR receiver.

Remote eye for sky box help

Accessing the RF2 settings on a Sky box may vary slightly depending on the model of the Sky box you have. However, here's a general guide on how to navigate the menu to access RF2 settings:

Turn on your Sky box: Ensure your Sky box is powered on and connected to your TV.

Navigate to the Settings menu: Use your Sky remote control to navigate to the Settings menu. The exact button sequence may differ depending on your remote, but it involves pressing the "Services" or "Settings" button.

Access the RF Output settings: Within the Settings menu, look for an option related to RF Output or RF2 Power Supply. This option might be located under a submenu like "Signal" or "Setup." Use the arrow buttons on your remote to navigate through the menu options until you find the RF Output settings.

Enable RF2 Power Supply: Once you've located the RF Output settings, select the option to enable RF2 Power Supply. This option may be represented as a toggle switch or checkbox. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the option and press the "Select" or "OK" button to enable it.

Save your changes: After enabling RF2 Power Supply, you may need to save your changes before exiting the menu. Look for an option like "Save" or "Apply" and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your changes.

Exit the menu: Once you've saved your changes, use the remote control to exit the Settings menu and return to the main viewing screen.